FRS Radio Test Nov. 14, 2020

On Saturday, November 14th, 2020 at 10:00 AM the NorthEast HAM group will be conducting an exercise to test the effectiveness of FRS Radios in the NorthEast region, and to map the results.

FRS Radio channel assignments in the NE region

The map on the left outlines the channel assignments for FRS radios in the NE region.

  • The Northeast Neighbors (area 26 on the map) are assigned channel 3 (17 is an alternate).
  • The Goodpasture Island Neighbors (area 25) are assigned channel 5 (alternate 19).
  • The Cal Young Neighborhood Association (area 3) is assigned channel 6 (alternate 20).
  • The Harlow Neighbors are assigned channel 1 (alternate 15).

Beginning Point-of-contact positions: HAM operators from the NE region will be posted at the locations shown in the map below. Mike B. will be at the command position at Norkenzie Christian Church on Crescent Avenue, and other HAMS throughout the area.