CERT Damage Assessment Teams Meeting for NE Eugene

January 24, 2022 – This is a video of the online meeting and presentation by Andy Davis to NE Eugene District CERTs regarding Damage Assessment Teams.

Links from the comments section of the NE Eugene CERTs Damage Assessment Teams meeting on January 24, 2022:

Two documents mentioned in tonight’s discussion that you may wish to download:

October Schedule Changes!

Our October schedule for the Northeast District will be different from our usual pattern. Please mark your calendar accordingly:

  • October 9thWe will NOT have our regular 2nd Saturday meeting on that date. However, Jerry’s Home Improvement Centers will be holding their annual Fire Life Safety Day at both the Eugene and Springfield locations on that day. Andy Davis will be visiting both locations, each of which will be hosting a CERT information booth. You are all invited to visit the Jerry’s event.
  • October 16th – We will hold our regular monthly meeting on this date at 10:00 AM at Norkenzie Christian Church, 2530 Crescent Avenue. Matt Dillon will be there, and we will be setting up and testing the radio shack that is hosted at the church.
  • October 23rd – This will be the Eugene area emergency exercise, also beginning at 10:00 AM. A detailed outline of the plan is available on our NEEugHAMS.org website, as well as on the new EugeneEmComm.org website. (See more about that below).

October 23 Exercise Plan

Hello folks,
The Eugene Emergency Manager has approved the exercise plan for our next month’s drill. He has recommended we have a safety brief prior to the exercise, a safety officer, and exercise evaluators. We can do a zoom meeting at the beginning of the exercise week for the safety brief. Each neighborhood team that will be walking and sweeping has a CERT so those CERTs remind the LS&R teams about being safe and ‘size up’ around them always. 
As for the evaluators, I haven’t figured that out yet.
I have attached the exercise plan [PDF link]. Please distribute to all who are playing in the exercise.
Thank you all and your neighbors for participating in this upcoming exercise drill. 

Andy Davis

KJ7JDN – Amateur Radio
Eugene EMCOMM Net Manager
Eugene/Springfield CERT Steering Committee Chair
Northeast District CERT Leader​

EugeneEmComm.org is here

In response to requests and suggestions from area HAMS, we have added a new EmComm support website focusing on the entire Eugene area. EugeneEmComm.org will seek to serve the local volunteer emergency radio community, licensed and unlicensed, as we work to prepare for emergencies when radio may become the primary mode of communication. NEEugHAMS.org will continue to exist, though it gradually will be incorporated into EugeneEmComm.org.


Michael McCornack, KJ7HCH

Create Your Own Printed Maps

Finding printed maps at the neighborhood level is becoming more difficult as more and more maps go online. You can print Google Maps, but sometimes the results are less than satisfactory, and the cropping is hard to control.

Lane Council of Governments (LCOG) has some excellent scalable maps on their website. This page lists some of their wonderful maps which print well, and can be scaled and cropped to include just the area of your choice. The maps appear to be vector graphics, so that the resolution can be adjusted if you have access to a good graphics editor.

If you would like some assistance in creating a custom map for your area of responsibility or concern, please feel free to send me a note via the contact page.