Net Control Script

Eugene EmComm Net Control Script

146.880 MHz 100 Hz Tone 

  1. This is Call Sign KI7TGI.  ORL, QRL, Is this frequency in use?  Call Sign KI7TGI.  
  2. QST, QST, The following message is to all amateurs and other listeners  from this evenings Net Control Operator for the Eugene Emergency Communications Network Program, KI7TGI Mike in Northeast Eugene.  
  3. Good evening everyone.  This is Mike, KI7TGI in NE Eugene, Net Control Operator for this evening’s session of the Eugene Emergency Communications Network, Eugene EmComm Net.  
  4. The following is a regularly scheduled, weekly Eugene Emergency Communications Network Program on frequency 146.880 MHz with a 100 Hz Tone.  This Net is occurs on each Wednesday evening from 7 to 8 PM.  The Alternate frequency is 146.52 MHz Simplex.  
  5. This net exists to provide a venue for discussions and training related to Emergency Communications.  But before we get started, is there any Emergency or Health and Welfare traffic.  Please list now.
  6. Please note the following programming changes from the Eugene EmComm Network Manager, Andy KJ7JDN.  The name of the network reserved for programming during this time slot has been changed to the Eugene Emergency Communications Network or Eugene EmComm Net.  This net is open to all listeners interested in emergency communications.  The Net Control Operator role of the Eugene EmComm Net will change weekly and now follow an new rotating schedule as follows:
  7. First Wednesdays, Monthly are assigned to KJ7CNL Matt Albertson of the Northwest District EmComm group.  Second Wednesdays, Monthly are assigned to KI7TGI Mike Barger of the Northeast District EmComm group.  The Third, Fourth and any Fifth Wednesdays are currently Open to other Hams volunteering to apply from the remaining Eugene EmComm Districts and will be assigned to KJ7CNL Matt until filled by the Net Manager.  
  8. Opinion from this Station:  Eugene EmComm Districts share more now than ever, and in our opinions, they are now ready to share the Wednesday night Eugene EmComm time slot on a rotating basis.  Andy, Matt Albertson and I are hopeful that by opening the Eugene EmComm weekly Net to representatives of all other Eugene EmComm Districts for the available 3rd or 4th or any 5th Wednesdays, would provide a variety of radio personalities and program intended to provide neighborhood level attention, attract more volunteers with local focus and activities just around your corner.  Districts that choose to participate as Net Control Operator for the Eugene EmComm Net may use their assigned time slot to conduct an on air District EmComm Meeting or other EmComm program, open to all listeners.  If additional time is needed, the Eugene EmComm Net Manager will petition the Manager of the Repeater for additional time each Wednesday.  These changes are important to help Eugene EmComm be more diverse, transparent and inclusive in order to respond to the growing number of volunteer Hams and other listeners interested in EmComm throughout the listening area.  End of Programming Note and Opinion from station.
  9. All HAM’s tuned to this frequency and interested in Emergency Communications are encouraged to participate in this Eugene EmComm Net by Checking-in when I call on each of our geographical areas.  Then I will follow with a call for any Ham’s anywhere to Check-in.  Relays are encouraged if you are able to Copy Station signals I do not recognize.
  10. This is a Directed Net to help control radio traffic so that everybody gets heard.  To participate in this Net, please Check-In with your Call Sign using ITU phonetics and your name.  Once you are Checked-In, you no longer need to use ITU Phonetics.
  11. All stations Checking-In to this net are requested, but not required, to remain on frequency until the net has been secured.  
  12. This is Mike, KI7TGI in Northeast Eugene, Net Control for this evening’s session of the Eugene EmComm Net.  Remember, it’s a good operating practice to leave a pause after keying your radio to allow the repeater to wake up before talking.
  13. Before we continue this Net, Are there any stations with QST’s, other bulletins or announcements?  Please call now.  (pause 5-6 secs.)
  14. Are there any stations requesting an Early Out?  Please call now.  (pause 5-6 secs.)
  15. Does anyone need contact with any station needing to be out early?  Please call now.  (pause 5-6 secs.)
    1. Thank you Early Outers for Checking-in, you are secured. 
  16. Are there any Mobiles?  Please call now.  (pause 5-6 secs.)
  17. Are there any Stations on Batteries or Emergency Power?  Please call now.  (pause 5-6 secs.)
  18. This is Mike, KI7TGI in Northeast Eugene.  I will now begin taking geographical Check-in’s to the Eugene EmComm Net starting in the Northwest District of Eugene.  Northwest District Hams, please call now.  (pause 5-6 secs.  Delegate an Alternate Net Control Operator)
  19. I will now take Check-in’s from the Northeast District of Eugene.  Northeast District Hams, please call now.  (pause 5-6 secs.)
  20. I will now take Check-in’s from any Southeast District of Eugene.  Any Southeast District Hams, please call now.  (pause 5-6 secs.)
  21. I will now take Check-in’s from the Southwest District of Eugene.  Southwest District Hams, please call now.  (pause 5-6 secs.)
  22. I will now take Check-In’s to the Eugene EmComm Net from any Station anywhere.  Please call now.  (pause 5-6 secs.)
  23. This completes initial Check-in’s.  Let’s begin tonight’s scheduled radio program.  Our posted meeting agenda includes:  
    1. First:  Any old business.  Please call now.
    2. Second:  Tonight’s program is The Neighborhood Incident Command Structure and their support teams.  How can I help?  What is my role?  And where do I fit in?  Tonight, Andy Davis, author of the current Neighborhood Radio Communications Response Guide and how that communication structure would apply to Cal Young Neighborhood Association, Goodpasture Island Neighbohood, Harlow Neighbors and Northeast Neighbors neighborhoods.  We will follow-up with this discussion with our Zoom meeting invitation open to everyone this Saturday morning at 10 AM, where we plan to draft locations of this communication structure for Cal Young, Goodpasture, Harlow and Northeast neighborhoods.  Please submit your request for a Zoom invitation for this follow up meeting to be sent to you by emailing
    3. Third.  New business, Immediately following this net, everyone is invited to change frequency (QSY) to 441.575 MHz Simplex for a readability and strength report from this station in northeastern Eugene, 
    4. :  New business or any new help requests for station builds?  Please call now
    5. One item of new business is an opportunity to share FRS/GMRS data with your District EmComm Leader to build a district spreadsheet of FRS/GMRS radio make and models so that the District can download and print user manuals for future reference to trouble shoot communication errors between radio manufacturers.  Northeast District members please submit your FRS/GMRS radio make and model on the contact form on the Northeast Eugene Hams Dot Org website,
  24. Are there any late Check-in’s?  Please call now.
  25. Is there any other Eugene EmComm new business before this net is closed?  Please call now.  (pause 5-6 secs.)
  26. Reminder to all Stations, Northeast District Ham’s and Neighbors will meet together again on Zoom, this Saturday, March 13, 2021 at 10 AM to draw what the communication structure might look like in the Northeast District.  .  Please submit your request for a Zoom invitation for this follow up meeting to be sent to you by emailing
  27. Hearing nothing further, I wish to thank all stations for participating, help and relays.  Thanks to LASARO and W7ARD for providing emergency preparation leadership through Amateur Radio.  Thank you to W7NK, the manager of this repeater, for the continued use of this repeater for use in emergency communication training and discussions.  And thanks to those stations who stood by to give us a clear operating frequency for this net.
  28. This is Mike, KI7TGI in Northeast Eugene, securing the weekly Eugene EmComm Net on Frequency number 146.880 MHz at {military time}.  This frequency is now open for general Amateur Radio use, thanks everybody.  Changing frequency (QST) to frequency number 441.575 MHz Simplex for signal readibility and strength reports from this station.  KI7TGI

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