NE Eugene HAMS

September, 2021 – The new all-Eugene area EmComm site, is now online! Please come visit, and bookmark the new site! Content relevant to all Eugene area EmComm radio volunteers which has been available on this site is also now available there. Also, the updated Neighborhood Radio Communications Response Guide is now available. This replaces the March, 2020 version. You will want to replace your old version with this updated version.

The Antenna Goes Up…

Saturday April 17, 2021 marked an important step forward in the establishment of the NE Eugene Net Control location at Norkenzie Christian Church on Crescent Avenue. With the help of a lift, Matt Dillon (W7ARD), Mike Barger (KJ7TGI) and Andy Davis (KJ7JDN) installed the antenna and coax cabling for the new NE region net control location. When operational, the Net Control station will become the central reporting point for NE area emergency communications. Beautiful weather aided the installation, which was overseen by Matt Dillon. Our thanks to Norkenzie Christian Church for their generosity and cooperation in this important project.

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